CFC Cause of the Week: Hunger & Clean Water

Child playing in water

“Poverty is a very complicated issue, but feeding a child isn’t.” – Jeff Bridges

Water is essential for life, but what if the only sources you have access to are contaminated? Or dozens of miles away? Or in dangerous terrain? Living without a consistent, reliable clean water source seems like a far-away, developing nation issue – but it’s happening right here in the United States, too: Flint, Michigan still faces their urban water crisis. Some Native American tribes in the Western States do not have access to water within their reservations, and must travel upwards of 74 miles daily to collect buckets of water for consumption, cooking, and cleaning.

Around the world, one in nine people in the world are suffering from chronic malnutrition. Women, children, indigenous people, and other minorities are the most susceptible to hunger. But you can make a difference by pledging to a CFC-supported charity that provides food and water to those who need it the most.  

Here's how you can make an impact:

  • $5 provides 25 meals for a family of four.
  • $80 purchases chickens and goats for a family to produce eggs and milk.
  • $150 establishes a waste management facility for a school in a developing country

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Date of Event: 
Monday, November 19, 2018 - 08:30