CFC Extended to Feb. 22


Februray 5, 2019



The U.S. Office of Personnel Management is extending the 2018 Combined Federal Campaign solicitation period until February 22, 2019.

Many charities came to the aid of Federal employees throughout the shutdown in December and January. Those organizations are under fiscal pressure with increased demands and because of an interruption in the flow of federal pledges to them.

On behalf of those people whom you may never meet but who will be helped by your generosity, thank you so much for your support of the CFC and for choosing to Show Some Love.

CFC support remains critical to participating charities and the people they help, including those in our community -- now, more than ever. If you can spare anything this upcoming year, please consider donating. Every little bit helps so much.

Gifts made through this period will begin to flow to charities as scheduled on April 1, 2019. Payroll deductions for these gifts will begin in the next available pay period after the deduction is processed.


If employees did not complete a pledge through the 2018 CFC, it is not too late! The online pledge portal ( remains open until 11:59pm, February 22 (Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time) for monetary and volunteer time pledges. In addition, employees can still submit a paper pledge to their CFC Keyworkers.

If an employee has already pledged this year, thank you so much! You can adjust recurring pledges online if you feel even more generous and wish to update your pledge. Many of the payroll service providers in the government did not deduct CFC contributions from the retroactive pay issued in January 2019. If your retroactive pay did not include your CFC pledge, you also can consider adding a one-time contribution to make up for missed payments to your favorite charities.

For most employees affected by the furlough and exempted no CFC Deductions will come out of supplemental pay.

In addition, OPM delayed the final (twelfth) 2017 contributions from credit/debit/e-check transactions that would have posted in January 15, 2019. CFC will schedule these after the retroactive pay is resolved. Pledges made by recurring bank drafts and credit cards during the 2018 CFC are not affected.

Please direct questions to [email protected]. Send media inquiries to [email protected].

Thank you for your support of the Combined Federal Campaign.

Post card TIMELINE

February 4 through February 22: Additional time added to the CFC Solicitation Period.
February 22: Deadline for charities applying to the 2019 Campaign.
April 1, 2019: OPM's central campaign administrator will make the first 2018 campaign year payments to charities. Subsequent payments will go to charities monthly on the 15th day of each month from May through March 2020.
January 15, 2020, Payroll Period: Employees will make the final 2018 Campaign year authorized CFC payment via payroll deduction or another authorized payment source.

Payroll deductions will begin once your pledge deduction has been processed according to the schedules of each payroll service provider (GSA, DFAS, USPS, Interior, Agriculture, etc.)


What is the status of the 2018 Combined Federal Campaign?
OPM extended the CFC solicitation period until February 22, 2019. Donors can go online to to pledge or submit a paper pledge form to the campaign worker in their department, agency or office.

When will the 2018 CFC solicitation period end?
Online giving will close down at midnight, Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time, February 22. Campaign workers should send pledge forms turned in that last day to the CFC processing center by the end of the month.

When will my deductions begin?
The date of the first deduction will vary based upon payroll service provider. OPM and the Central Campaign Administrator will transfer files to payroll providers the week following your enrollment. Credit/Debit and ACH pledges made during the extension will begin in February. For Federal departments and agencies not affected by the furlough, the original deductions will being in the first full pay period after January 15, 2019.

Will there be adjustments to amounts?
No. OPM cannot change the amounts authorized by the employee per payroll period or through monthly credit card authorizations. Recurring pledges will end during the payroll period that includes January 15, 2020.

Will OPM change the pay periods for deductions to account for the extension?
No. These pay periods are set in regulation and OPM cannot change that period. Moreover, a shift in pay periods would have a detrimental on subsequent campaigns' payroll deductions.

What about campaign plan activities?
The extension is limited to leaving open the CFC Online Pledging system and the collection and processing of paper pledge forms. Solicitations in the workplace may also continue, as well as any other promotional efforts by Outreach Coordinators that do not impose additional campaign costs. Campaign managers and Outreach Coordinators can reschedule approved campaign and marketing activities cancelled or postponed in December or January.

Can employees make up the difference in their pledges?
Yes. Although employees cannot make catch-up CFC contributions via payroll deduction, employees can adjust the amount of their payroll gift and make an unlimited number of one-time pledges to make up the total annual amount they choose to contribute.

Can campaign managers still send in envelopes with paper forms?
Yes. Please audit the contents, complete the summary report and mail that envelop as soon as possible. Each pay period that goes by is a pay period from which those paper pledge forms' amounts are not deducted for charities. Paper pledge forms received in the last week of the extended period should be sent by the end of February.

What happens to those recurring credit card and ACH donations of the 2017 campaign that have not processed yet, once all furloughed employees receive their retroactive pay?
These were delayed according to a decision of the Acting Director of OPMM and will be made sometime in February. The amount will be the same amount authorized in the 2017 campaign.

Will 2018 pay period or credit card amounts be divided by the remaining time?
No. OPM will process only the amount authorized by the employee. Knowing that the pledge will be for a shorter period, employees can go online and adjust the amount authroized or make a one-time pledge to supplement the amount.

How does the shutdown affect the various CFC campaigns?

  • 2017: The shutdown caused charities to lose gifts that were expected from the final two payroll periods of the campaign year. Employees can make these up through one-time gifts by credit card, debit card, or electronic checks at
  • 2018: The ending date of the campaign is extended and payroll deductions may start later, depending on when a payroll deduction pledge is submitted. All payroll deductions will end with the pay period which includes January 15, 2020.
  • 2019: OPM also is extending the charity application deadline to February 22. We do not anticipate any impact on the start of the Fall 2019 campaign period.

Will there be any other effects noticed during the extension?
This allows CFC to extend the solicitation while also processing pledges already received. To facilitate this, there will be a temporary interruption of pledging functionality on Monday February 4, 11, and 18 at 10pm EST. At these times, for a period of about 30 minutes, the system will be down in order to generate payroll reports. Donors attempting to make and change pledges at these times should know that any difficulty encountered will be temporary.

How will this affect the New Hires period?
After the solicitation ends, newly hired Federal employees who register with a new e-amil will have 14 days to pledge. The new hires period will go from February 23, 2019 through August 1, 2019. After August 1, the pledge system will close for any new gifts to get ready for the Fall Campaign.