An Easy Way to Give Back

The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate with family and friends, but they can also put a strain on our wallets. As the holiday season approaches, so does the end of year giving season. You may find it tough to open up the checkbook in one sitting and make out generous gifts to all of the charities you want to support. The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) might be your answer. Through the CFC, you can give a little each pay period, which adds up to a bigger gift over the course of a year. The equivalent of the cost of a lunch out, can change a life when donated through the CFC. For example, about $10 a month can purchase a brand-new crib and mattress for new parents who cannot afford all the necessities for a newborn!


As the only authorized charitable solicitation of employees in the federal workplace, the CFC is the official avenue for nonprofits wishing to reach this pool of donors, an arrangement that is beneficial to both the donors and the charities. It is a perfect opportunity for the busy federal employee to spread their giving over the course of a year and pledge hours to volunteer! The online giving system will be open for pledges through Jan. 11, 2019.


The campaign is a great solution and place for members of the federal community to choose the causes they care about and make a pledge to charities working in those areas. Donors have the option to choose from thousands of charities and give to as many as they would like. The CFC also provides a chance for employees to remain anonymous in their gift-giving; privacy is always respected through the CFC.


IT2 David Blake, serving in the U.S. Navy, says, “Donating through the CFC helps give money to trustworthy organizations who are in an immediate position to help worldwide. Most people want to help, but are always so busy working that they miss opportunities to give back to the community and help those in need. The CFC gives us an easy opportunity to contribute.”


Charities also benefit from the program—it is a low-cost way for charities to have exposure to tens of thousands of potential donors. They can count on a steady stream of donations throughout the year allowing them to respond to critical needs and provide for those who need it most, without devoting extra costs to campaigns of their own, or worry about going short one month.


“Beneficiary organizations know they can count on these donations throughout the year, which makes planning easier and often allows for organizations to assist more people,” says Roger Mireles, of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. “The CFC is important because there are countless organizations that rely heavily on the donations of federal employees to do all of the great work that they do. The CFC is a lifeline that affords them the opportunity to focus on supporting people in need,” says Mireles. Contributions raised through the campaign are also unrestricted, empowering charities to respond effectively to community needs rather than being required to direct funds to a certain program.


Whether you care about veterans services, disaster relief, cancer research, or wildlife preservation, the CFC has a charity for any cause you want to support. So don’t wait—give through the CFC and Show Some Love to a cause you care about. Visit for more information and to make a pledge.

IT2 David Blake and Roger Mireles talk about the benefit of giving through the CFC.