Finish Strong Toolkit

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Finish Strong banner with tennis shoes at start of race

If the entire CFC open season is a marathon, then the final week is the sprint to the finish! This toolkit incorporates various common aspects of a race, including the spirit of coming together to tackle a challenge. Countdown: Each day will incorporate the idea of remaining miles (5 miles left, 4 miles left, etc.) as we count down the final days of the campaign.

Daily Themes

Thursday, Jan. 2 and Friday, Jan. 3: Charity expo and race packet pick-up.

Start sharing information about the end of the campaign and encourage your co-workers to finish strong. Highlight the virtual charity fair or host your own in-person charity fair!

Monday, Jan. 6: 5 miles left. Let’s finish strong!

As we start the end of this marathon, encourage co-workers to choose a cause they care about to support through the campaign.

Tuesday, Jan. 7:  4 miles left. Water station.

Share one of the campaign videos and the campaign infographics to help co-workers quench their thirst for knowledge about the campaign.

Wednesday, Jan. 8: 3 miles left. First aid stop.

Help your colleagues learn more about their cause and the potential impact of their donations, by sharing charity success stories.

Thursday, Jan. 9: 2 miles left. Sideline cheerleaders.

As we near the end of the campaign, take note of all those who are cheering for you and your colleagues. The CFC is about community and coming together to make a difference. Your generosity helps neighbors in our communities, across the nation, and around the world.

Friday, Jan 10: Final mile. We are in the sprint to the finish!

Let your colleagues know that the last day to make a pledge is Jan. 12. Share all pledge options with them, and offer any assistance they may need.


Promote and Engage

For Finish Strong Week to be a success, we need strong promotion and engagement! Use the following resources to help spread the word and plan fun engagement opportunities during this critical week:

  • Charity expo and race packet pick up. Bring your co-workers together in celebration of the CFC. Invite charities to take part and inspire the federal community to support those in need. If you’re not able to host a physical event, plan a virtual one! Distribute the race packet with the race map and pledge form.
  •  Office decorations: Post the race-themed decorations around your workplace to acknowledge that we are nearing the end of this marathon, build awareness about the campaign – and last day to pledge – and make the final week a fun one.
  • Communication Templates (email #1, email #2, memo): Modify as needed and ask leadership to send this memo to all personnel in your agency/installation/office/unit.
  • Splash screen: If allowed, work with your technology department to have this screen show up on everyone’s computer when they log in each day during Finish Strong Week. Other ideas for use include putting this on electronic displays in your building, emailing to everyone as an attachment, or printing and posting on bulletin boards or other high traffic areas.
  • Daily email and social media messaging: Help create a sense of urgency to give by sharing countdown graphics and daily messaging with your co-workers. Be sure to share the Thursday Thank You card to cheer everyone on toward the end of the week. If your agency has a social media account, you can also request that the pre-written content be posted there.