Investing in Children Pays Big Dividends

Jaime is just one of many students benefitting from programs that focus on education. Jaime was a shy and soft spoken 9-year-old boy. His parents worked very hard but could not help him with his schoolwork, so they enrolled him in a mentor program. His mentor met with him every week and help him read, practice math and much more - teaching him how to take notes, study tips for tests and other tools to boost his confidence.  Their relationship grew - spending time exercising, discussing current topics and learning how to choose the right level of high school classes.  Now at 17-years-old, Jaime is a stellar student, an active volunteer in his school, and has been awarded a scholarship. As a recipient of services provided through program funding when he was a shy 9-year old, Jaime is now paying it forward.  He has been a mentor for 3 years, giving back where he was once a student.  He is a great role model for younger children. He is confident, articulate and an inspiration to all. 

Cause: Human Services