Live United - UWSHR 2019

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United Way of South Hampton Roads
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(Introduction - a view of the downtown Norfolk skyline, depictions of homelessness and poverty in Hampton Roads) PROBLEMS THE ONES MOST PEOPLE DON'T HAVE THE STOMACH FOR THE ONES TOO BIG TO SOLVE ALONE (United Way of South Hampton Roads [UWSHR] - UWSHR logo, fundraising and case management, community engagement at schools such as Chesterfield Elementary ) WE GO LOOKING FOR THEM WE FIND EVERY DOLLAR WE CAN TO ADDRESS THEM BUT WE ARE MORE THAN THE FUNDRAISERS (Community Solutions - Day of Caring volunteer events, special events led by corporations such as USAA and Norfolk Southern, Mission United case managers, community clean-up) WE ARE THE HAND RAISERS THE GAME CHANGERS THE STOP TALKING START DOING BAND TOGETHER AND TAKE ON THE IMPOSSIBLE TASK MASTERS WE LIVE UNITED FOR CHILDREN WE LIVE UNITED FOR VETERANS WE LIVE UNITED FOR FAMILIES AND WE LIVE UNITED FOR OUR COMMUNITY (Who We Serve - impoverished families, young children, military families, elderly. Community teamwork and Day of Caring/UWSHR logo held up by volunteers) WE SURROUND OUR COMMUNITIES' MOST CRITICAL PROBLEMS AND TOGETHER WE CREATE SOLUTIONS WE STEP UP WHEN WE ARE NEEDED MOST BECAUSE CHANGE DOESN'T HAPPEN ALONE HOPE ISN'T A ONE MAN BAND (Conclusion - close-ups of individuals who we support, call to action, Live United/UWSHR logo) WE HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE BETTER WE MUST LIVE UNITED WILL YOU?