Making Ends Meet

A CFC-supported financial services organization helps clients who are going through tough financial times. For example, Joan*, a single mother with 3 children, suffered a work-related injury and it took over 3 months for her Worker’s Compensation payments to process. During that time, Joan fell behind in all of her bills and was facing foreclosure. Joan’s case manager was able to assist her with her past due mortgage, and also helped her modify her mortgage to a more affordable rate. And Charles*, had a poor credit history and had never completed a household budget when he came to the organization for help. He had just obtained a job paying a livable wage, but had no idea how to budget his money. During his work with his case manager, Charles was able to maintain his budget for six months and improve his credit score by 150 points. Charles is now well on his way to independent money management. 

Cause: Health Care/Poverty/Hunger