Odis's Story

Odis Roberts Image

picture of Odis Roberts holding the key to his new apartmentA few years ago, Odis Roberts found himself in a very difficult situation. After losing his job, he was no longer able to afford housing and resorted to living out of his car. Odis slept in his car for weeks before a friend suggested contacting a CFC-supported charity that provides shelter and help to those who need it. 

While at the shelter, Odis focused on bettering his chances of becoming employable. He earned his GED and completed a retail certification program through another CFC-supported charity. He stayed at the shelter longer than most, becoming a mentor to new residents and even starting new programs, but eventually was able to return to living in his own apartment. He gratefully continues to contribute to the shelter through regular volunteer work.

Odis Roberts, CFC Charity Beneficiary