Providing a Second Chance for a Whole Family

Katherine moved to a new state with nothing but her husband, son and service dog, Sally in order to escape some negative family influences. Not wanting to impose on a friend’s hospitality too long, Katherine made calls to see if there was a place for her family to stay. “I was afraid of being separated from my husband and son at a shelter. I didn’t want that to happen. But when I called the shelter here, I was told there was a room where we could all stay just like a hotel.” Since coming to stay with the shelter 12 weeks ago, Katherine’s husband has found a job and her family is about to receive their own apartment. “It’s been life changing to be here and have the opportunity to start over for my son. He’s in a safe environment and can focus on his education.” Katherine and her family will be moving into an apartment at the end of the week. “I can’t say it enough how grateful I am for this place. I want to get involved and give back so someone else can benefit from my experiences

Cause: Human Services