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PurposeFull Paws
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We are PurposeFull Paws and we raise and train Assistance Dogs for people with disabilities allowing them to live more independently Your CFC dollars allow us to continue our mission to provide PurposeFull Paws Assistance Dogs to change the lives of those living with disabilities! It takes about 2 years and costs $25-$30,000 to raise and train our Assistance Dogs. We train Mobility Assistance Dogs They can retrieve items, turn off and on light switches, open & close doors and more! Mobility Dogs can also assist with balance! We also train Assistance Dogs for those serving or retired from our United States Armed Forces… giving comfort to those suffering from PTSD… allowing them to return to work –and to enjoy life again Diabetic Alert Dogs let their partners know when their blood sugar is low or high…detecting these changes earlier than most medical devices! Autism Assistance Dogs keep their partners safe…and make stressful situations more calm and enjoyable Hearing Assistance Dogs can alert their partner to sound sand take them to the source of the sound Seizure response dogs can comfort after a seizure or locate someone to help PurposeFull Paws Assistance Dogs change lives! Giving to PurposeFull Paws Allows a person in a wheelchair to safely stay home while their spouse is at work Provides a lifesaving alert to dangerously low blood sugar for a Type 1 Diabetic Allows a Veteran with PTSD or other disability to go out in public or return to work Allows alerts for a mom who is deaf to the cries of her newborn baby Keeps an Autistic child safe from running from parents and into dangerous situations Provides retrieval of a phone to call 911 in the case of an emergency SAVE LIVES, GIVE INDEPENDENCE, GIVE HOPE to someone with a disability We appreciate any contributions given to train PurposeFull Paws Assistance Dogs!