Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary & Adoption Centers Overview

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Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary & Adoption Centers
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2019 Transcript for Purrfect Pals CFC video: Scene #1: Title Slide (0:01) Photo of main building at Purrfect Pals Purrfect Pals Because Every Cat Matters Cat Sanctuary & Adoption Centers Scene #2 (0:03): Gray tabby and white cat Purrfect Pals is determined to end cat homelessness in Puget Sound (0:05):Gray Tabby Cat Head Butting male volunteer Because Every Cat Matters. Even those with special needs. Scene #3 (0:09): Gray Tabby on outside perch Sanctuary cats have secure outdoor place space in addition to their comfy rooms Scene #4 (0:13):Kitten being bottlefed Foster homes care for the tiny kittens Scene #5 (0:16): Calico kitten on shoulder of denim jacket Young cats … Scene #6 (0:19) : Black cat seated on green bed on Kuranda tower Black Cats … Scene #7 (0:21): Blue-eyed white cat Cool Cats … Scene #8 (0:25):Black cat with orange eyes laying on bench Vintage Cats … Scene #9 (0:27): Long haired white kitten with gray mask and ears Fuzzy Cats … Scene #10 (0:30): Orange tabby in cardboard box Wise Cats … Scene #11 (0:33): Gray kitten held against volunteer’s chest Scared Cats … Scene #12 (0:36): Black and white cat with blue cone Injured Cats … Scene #13 (0:39): Orange tabby on striped blanket All Cats Are Adoptable … Scene #14 (0:44): Blue eyed kitten Some may just take longer than others to find their new home … Scene #15(0:46): Gray kitten and orange kitten Or Just Need Time to Grow … Scene #16 (0:48) : Blue eyed, gray striped cat All cats have a home with us as long as they need us Scene #17 (0:51): Black and white cat in blue bed Purrfect Pals has been helping cats and cat owners since 1988 Scene 18 (0:55): Gray cat on long-haired woman’s shoulder Promoting the bond between cats and people Scene 19 (0:57): Green-Eyed cat with Purrfect Pals Because every cat matters LOGO Thank you for your support!