Surviving and Thriving

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Ronald McDonald House Charities Hawaii
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RMHC Hawaii mother Mihana Tait-Jamieson speaks about her daughter Taj who was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer. Doctors told them Taj had a survival rate of just five years. The family lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and they needed a place to stay while Taj was receiving chemotherapy treatments on Oahu. Their world flipped upside down as they struggled to figure out what to do, where they were going to stay and how they would take care of Taj. Then, they heard about the Ronald McDonald House. The House provided comfort, resources and a community of helpful indivduals who allowed Taj to survive and thrive in the face of adversity. [Music] 00:01 [Voice of mother Mihana Tait-Jamieson} You never want your children to be sick 00:05 or dream that would happen to you and 00:07 then it does and your life gets turned 00:10 upside down, but we live on the Big 00:13 Island 00:13 and when we found out how sick Taj was 00:16 we didn't know how we were gonna be able 00:18 to stay on Oahu and get that care for 00:21 her we weren't sure where we would stay 00:23 or live until we found out about the 00:25 Ronald McDonald House and it's been here 00:28 that we've had a safe and quiet home to 00:31 help Taj beat her cancer and provide for 00:35 her the care and nurturing that she 00:38 needs and it's a miracle. It's just 00:41 amazing that all these people are 00:44 directly helping us individual families 00:48 individual babies and children survive 00:50 and thrive and go on to lead healthy 00:54 lives 00:56 [Voice of Announcer} Ronald McDonald House Charities of Hawaii. Making a difference in families 00:59 lives.