Tajuana's Story

Tajuana Grinnell

My cause is supporting military familes. During rough times, military families need extra help and support from programs and organizations. As an active duty soldier, I have personally witnessed the awesome support and services provided by organizations that receive donations through the Combiend Federal Campaign. Many soldiers who return home need to go through rehabilitation; and do so with the help of these CFC-supported organizations.  Without the CFC, many of these organizations would have limited resources to support our troops, whether they are active or veterans. Most importantly, many CFC-supported organizations go to great lengths to provide resources for the families of active or retired soldiers. I am very proud to give my support to the organizations through the CFC, which is a great way to fund and assist the needs or family members that have dedicated their lives to defending our great country.

SFC Tajuana Grinnell, U.S. Army